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Bridal Couture Sydney

Bridal Couture Sydney | Couture Wedding Gowns SydneySoma Design specializes in exquisite bridal couture in Sydney. But, first, let’s take a step back so that we can all understand and appreciate true, high quality, and stunning bridal couture.

Bridal Couture is the art of custom making designer wedding dresses so that brides to be can have the perfect dress for their wedding day. It may sound simple, but truly, it is anything but.

Couture, which is originally a French word that means “High Dressmaking” dates back to the 1800’s where it was originated in Paris. It was then and there that Charles Frederick Worth an Englishman moved to Paris in 1845 when he created the House of Worth and designed clothes for the Empress Euge’nie, the wife of Napoleion III.  After that new fashion houses headed by new designers began custom making extravagant pieces with the steepest of price tags for the continent’s elite.

Today, couture is no longer restricted to Paris and you no longer have to be near royalty to have the perfect wedding dress custom made. There are couturiers designing personalized, couture wedding gowns Sydney and Australia-wide and indeed worldwide, and they want to help you realize the dream of a perfect wedding dress. However, it is still not as simple as it sounds.

The process to create a gorgeous couture wedding gown can take months, and is one that requires the vision of the bride and the skill of the couturier equally. And that is exactly where Yan Pothin of Soma Design excels.

When you, the bride, choose Soma Design to help you create the perfect dress for your wedding day, Yan will work with you until that dream is a reality.  Designer, Yan Pothin, will design you a dress that combines your dreams and vision with his style and ability as a designer with over 16 years experience. Once your dress is designed, Yan will bring it to life with the care and attention to detail that every bride deserves.

You too can use Soma Design to create your perfect, custom made wedding dress and truly understand what it means to wear couture.