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What does having your wedding dress custom-made mean?

Having a Gown custom made

A custom-made wedding dress or evening gown is one which is made for an individual order and is, essentially, a one-of-a-kind gown sewn from scratch.

Be open to the process and prepare for your ideas to evolve

“It’s great to have an idea of how you envisage your dress to be when you first meet with us, bring images and references” say designer Yan Pothin, “however, be prepared for those ideas to possibly change, as in essence that why your choosing a fashion designer to create your gown, an expert who  can guide through the process to achieving something simply stunning! ”  After that first meeting with Yan and once you have secured your place with a deposit, Yan will take your design ideas and translate them into a clear vision of your dress in sketch form, ” this is an important part of the process” say Yan “it’s a chance to discuss the details of the design and be clear that we are both on the same page.” Yan’s philosophy , as he say’s is that,

“Creating a gown from scratch is a very individual, personal and creative experience, and, like most creative endeavours it can organically evolve, so be open minded and prepared for change.”

Yan also recommends you should, “allow yourself to be open to fabrics, silhouettes and patterns that you may not have considered before as there is a chance you might find something you like better than your original idea also to keep in mind that we are working to achieve the most beautiful and flattering garment to suit your shape.”  also as part of the service at Soma Design Yan offers will shop with his clients to ensure you select the right fabric, lace or trim for the design, he says, ” i really like taking my customers shopping for fabric for their gowns, sometimes the pressure of choosing the right fabric can be overwhelming and being there to assist them with making the right choice can ease that pressure, I also believe it adds to the experience of having a gown made and allows the clients personal taste to shine through.

I absolutely love the journey that I embark on with each garment I design, i believe that, as every client is different so every dress is different.  My job is to ensure that at the end of the journey I provide my customers with an absolutely  stunning outfit! and that the process has been streamline, fittings are stress free and the experience has been a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable one.”