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Putting Together a Bridal Photo Shoot


I recently organized a photo shoot of some new Wedding Dresses with some pretty talented people so I thought I would share my experience of it with you. Firstly I made contact with a fabulous Make Up Artist that I have worked with on a number of shoots in the past, Tamee Rene Brancati  Tamee has done some amazing work particularly as a make up artist for brides, she has featured in the new Vogue Brides magazine as well as doing the make up in catalogue shoots for Viktoria Novak who designs the most sublime headpieces with Tamee’s help a shoot was organized and I got the chance to work on the most stress free shoot ever!  The Photographer was Kylie Lyons of Hand Print Photography Hair by Susana Calvo of Glam Van and the gorgeous Bridgette Abood was our model see (Bridgette Abood model on facebook).

It all started with my Brief which was classic Hollywood glamour inspired by screen sirens from old black and white films.  Everyone was sent images for inspiration and mood and on the day, we talked about how we could achieve giving the classic look a modern twist.  The shoot took place at Kylies studio which is an amazing little church and school room from the 1800’s. The studio had a great feel and lot’s of interesting place to shoot around.  Bridgette looked stunning!! and each dress she put on got us all very exited at the prospect of the images to come, it was one of those moments when, as Tamee put’s it the magic happens! I really feel that Tamee and Susana nailed it with hair and make up for the look, here are some unedited shots, I hope you like them! cheers yan

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